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The WUT Base of Knowledge was established by WUT Senat resolution of November 21, 2012. The policy for creating the system of depositing and archiving the scientific output and the repository was defined by the Rector of Warsaw University of Technology Decree No. 3/2014 of January 29, 2014. The aim of the WUT Base is to promote the scientific achievements of the faculty, students and university PhD students. The tools and technical capacities of the Base of Knowledge are much more than just of a bibliographic database. It is possible to find here information about all kinds of scientific and educational activities of the WUT faculty, students and researchers.
The repository – an integral part of the system - gathers and archives metadata and full text digitalized materials such as: monographs, journals articles, book chapters, reports and all materials which are necessary to award academic degrees and academic titles.
The concept, technical design and software of the WUT Base of Knowledge were implemented at the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology, which was a part of project SYNAT. Main Library is in charge of organizing the project implementation, preparation of legal documents, training and verification of the data records.
Basic functions and features of the Base of Knowledge:

  1. Repository functions of the works
  2. Full-text search in the repository resources
  3. Provision of information to WUT researchers (eg. database of journals, including the ministry lists of journals, database on conferences together with Web of Science)  
  4. Search for experts on particular subjects  (with the list of products of their work)
  5. Generator of websites that contain the researchers’ scientific outputs, including publications, promoted products of their work, list of projects.
  6. Mapping the research of the university organizational units
  7. Report generator for reporting and evaluation of parametric for:
    • a POL-on – government system about higher education
    • b survey on WUT units
    • c Complete bibliographies of university staff
    • d Annual Reports
    • e Dean of the Faculty Reports
  8. Cooperation with the INFONA platform
  9. Increasing the visibility of university achievements on the Internet through communication standards, including OAI, Google Scholar, Scopus, WoS.
  10. Historical archiving - the system takes into account the information about changing the name, affiliation of the author or the whole unit.
  11. Controlling the permission for making the works available - full texts can be available as specified by the will of the authors (on the open Internet, only on the premises of WUT, or to persons who have logins and passwords to the system).

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