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Instructions addressed to the employees and doctoral students whose scientific achievements are taken into account in the evaluation of scientific disciplines at WUT have been collected here. They apply to the provisions indicated in the Rector's regulation regarding Criterion I in the evaluation.

Base of Knowledge-ORCID Integration

It is obligatory for research staff, research and teaching staff and doctoral students of the Warsaw University of Technology and for other persons doing research at the Warsaw University of Technology to obtain the ORCID ID and to authenticate their researcher’s profile on the ORCID platform (based on the Regulation no. 56/2021 of the Warsaw University of Technology Rector of 28 June 2021).

Instructional materials::

  • The WUT Base of Knowledge profile authentication in ORCID (PDF)
  • Sending publications from the WUT Base of Knowledge to ORCID (PDF)
  • Grouping multiple versions of the same work together (LINK)


Where should I include the official name of the Warsaw University of Technology in English in the ORCID profile?

If you are:

  • an employee - fill in the "Employment" section; you can also fill in the "Department" field by entering the name of the main organizational unit, e.g. faculty, as well as the "Education and qualifications" section
  • a doctoral student - fill in the "Education and qualifications" section.

How do I set up my ORCID profile to make it open and accessible to the public?

  • go to the drop-down menu under the account holder's name (upper right corner)
  • select "Account settings"
  • under "Visibility preferences", click "Edit"
  • tick "Everyone".

Do I have to provide information about my ORCID ID if it has already been registered in the Base of Knowledge?

  • No, the obligation applies to new employees and new doctoral students. Most people have this number registered on their Base of Knowledge profile.

How to link the ORCID profile with the Scopus profile, if you have a publication record registered in the Scopus database?

  • The instructions are available HERE.

How to check if my ORCID profile is already associated with a Scopus profile?

If Scopus-ORCID profiles are linked, then:

  • their "Scopus Author ID" is displayed on the ORCID profile under the person's ORCID number, in the "Other IDs" section,
  • their ORCID number is displayed on the Scopus profile, under the person's surname and the first name.

I have no publications in Scopus, can I link my ORCID profile to the Scopus database?

  • No, integration is possible only if Scopus records the work of the person concerned. Scopus collects publication descriptions only from the indexed sources.

During the export of publications to ORCID, a message about a partial export appears. What should I do in such a situation?


PBN-POLon-ORCID Integration

Regulation No. 56 /2021 of the Rector of the Warsaw University of Technology of 28 June 2021 requires research staff, research and teaching staff and doctoral students of the Warsaw University of Technology to set up an account in the Polish Scientific Bibliography (PBN) system. This results from the necessity to process authorized ORCID numbers in the Integrated System of Information on Science and Higher Education - POL-on (PBN is a POL-on subsystem).

Registration of an account in PBN can be done on

If you already have an account in PBN, you can log in with your current data.


  • how to create an account in PBN (PDF)
  • how to link ORCID with PBN and POL-on (PDF)

What are the benefits of connecting ORCID to PBN?

  • after adding ORCID to the PBN account, the identifier will be permanently linked to the PBN account holder
  • the identifier will be presented in the Analytical Module in the profile of the author who made the link
  • the identifier will be presented with each publication of the corresponding author
  • if a scientific unit reports a new publication to the system, the author's ORCID will also be visible next to it
  • wherever ORCID is presented in the PBN system, it is also a link to the ORCID account of the person

Questions related to ORCID and ResearcherID should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 


Statement 3

The persons referred to in the Rector's Regulation No. 4/2020 of 29-01-2020 (as amended) shall submit a declaration authorizing Warsaw University of Technology to disclose their achievements within the specific disciplines indicated in Declarations No. 1 and No. 2. The declaration shall be submitted by 31 January each year. The declaration shall be accompanied by a list of scientific achievements generated from the Knowledge Base of the Warsaw University of Technology, in accordance with the specimen given in Appendix 3 to the Regulation.
The Statement includes patents for inventions and protection rights for utility models.
Instructions in PDF for persons submitted the Statement 1:

  • in one discipline (PDF)
  • in two disciplines (PDF)


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