Digitization on request

LIBSMART Copy - order digital copy from library catalogue

LIBSMART COPY is an application integrated with the library catalogue, which allows to order a electronic copies of magazines and books.

How to order a digital copy

  • Go to the online catalogue - find a magazine or a book
  • Click on "digital copy request"
  • Log in and fill out an electronic form. Approve the valuation of a copy (1 PLN per page)
  • Pay online and download the file

You can order copies only from the collections of the Main Library of WUT (excluding PhD theses).


Professional digitization on request

Apart from a free self-service scanner, which is available in the Main Library on the 2nd floor (ML Journals), it is also possible to order professional digitization  of books, journals, manuscripts, photographs  and other documents.

The Library Reprographic Services provide the following services:

  • making digital copies of the library resources and materials provided by the users,
  • digital processing
  • saving in PDF format,
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR),
  • scanning of slides and photographs

We scan documents in B5 to A3 formats (black and white and in colour). For the prices - see the price-list.

Placing a request

Requests can be placed using the following e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on-site - the WUT Main Building, room 74. It is recommended to describe the scanned item(s) with as much information as possible:

  • describing the source document,
  • giving the digital format
  • how the document will be collected – either sent by an e-mail (to 4MB maximum) or sent by post / collected in the library  (CD/DVD recorded version).

More on collection and payment

When the file is sent by an e-mail
Before sending the file via e-mail, the a separate information letter is mailed. After receiving the file, a confirmation is needed by sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

When the file is sent by a post or picked up in the library
The request should include whether the file recorded on a CD/DVD will be sent by post or it will be collected  at the Library Reprographic Services (room 74).


The request should contain information about the payment.
The VAT invoices are sent by post.
If the request is made by the WUT staff/ units, the internal invoice will be issued.

A transfers to the following bank account is accepted:
Bank PEKAO S.A. IV Oddz. Warszawa 81124010531111000005005664
NIP: 525-000-58-34
Please enter the invoice number on the transfer!

It is also possible to pay in cash.  The payment should be made in the Main Library Financial Department – room 15b. The proof of a payment or the invoice will be issued.

Please note:

- When the amount of the order exceeds 50 zl, advance payment is being required

- When planning more orders in one month month it is possible to settle payment on a monthly basis. The total invoice is then issued at the end of the month. A bank transfer is expected

- Payment is made according to the price list. When ordering non-standard services, the price is determined individually

- A digital version of a book from the Main Library collections can be used for the Library needs - as an electronic publication in the WUT Digital Library