Online ordering

Most of the ML WTU collections can be ordered via the Internet after logging into your library account. These items have Hold option in our online catalogue. If you want to request them, click on Hold in the Request Option.

The ordering is impossible when you have reached the limit of possible loans or your library account is blocked. If the item is placed in the ML Open Stacks section, you will have to get it by yourself for it can’t be requested.

Time to collect the items

You can collect the requested item(s) when you see the date displayed on your library account.

Note that you must collect the item(s) from the library within 4 days from realizing the order for full-time students and 14 days for part-time students. The 4 / 14 days are counted from the day, when the information about realization of the order appears on your library account.

Place to collect the items

As WUT printed resources are stored in different localizations, you can collect the requested item(s) in the place where the item is stored.

It is very important to check the localization and the status of the item. In our online catalogue in Locations/Request tab you can find information about the localization of the books.

For more information, please go to our film presentation: Library is not horror


Items that have been borrowed by other users can be requested via the Internet. If you do it, you will receive an email, when the requested item has been returned to the library.

Note that you must collect it within 4 days (full-time students or 14 days for part-time students).


Borrowing is only available for registered users of the library with a valid library card (students, exchange programmes students, PhD students, WUT employees, retired WUT employees, etc.).

If you see the time period indicated in the catalogue the item can be borrowed. If you see on the premises there is no possibility to borrow the item. It could be used only on site.

Loan Period

The basic borrowing period is defined for each item in the integrated library system i.e. library catalogue. Depending of the item status, it could be: 1 month, 3 months or 5 months.

Limit of number of items on loan

Maximum number of items on loan in the integrated library depends on the type of user, e.g.:  students and PhD students can borrow 20 items,  researchers -  30 items,  professors - 50 items,  respectively.

Renewal of loans

You can renew the loan of the items  three times after logging into your library account. To renew item(s) online you should click on the Renew All or Renew Selected tab in Loans.

The borrowing period may be extended by a period not longer than the original borrowing period defined for the item in the integrated library system.
The user may, personally or through ML WUT staff, extend the due date for a borrowed item in the integrated library system three times without presenting the item.

When you can’t extend the item(s)

You can renew most items online, except:
•    items recalled by another user
•    items overdue that have blocked your borrowing privileges
•    when you have reached the limit of possible renewals.

Returning items

Items must be returned on or before the due date. Item(s) should be returned to the locations  from where they were borrowed.

Overdue items

You have to return the item(s) on time. Otherwise your library account will be automatically blocked and you will be charged 0.30 PLN per day for each item. The library account will be unblocked after you have returned the item(s) and paid the fine.

It is the borrowers' responsibility to know when the library items are due, and to return or renew the loans on time.

Losing or damaging items

If you lose or deface the item(s) which you have borrowed you need to contact a ML WTU librarian as soon as possible. Users have to deliver an identical item or, if it is impossible, other items defined by the library as a compensation of the loss incurred by ML WUT.

Items not to be borrowed

Our collection is available to any user on site. The items with  the online catalogue status:  On the premises, Archival, Order to ML Journals, In reading-room are only available on site.

The items which may not be taken out of the library are: items from the ML Open Stacks with a red label and:

PhD Theses and other degree theses

Ordering PhD Theses is possible in the ML Open Stacks at the Circulation Desk, Level 3, room 336.
You can find other degree theses in the particular faculty and institute libraries.

Journals and  newspapers

Journals are not lent outside the library. Journals can be used only on site in the Journals Reading Room, room 242, Level 2. The latest issues of journals are available on the shelves. If you need an issue more than 3 years old, you need to order it from the storehouse, at the Circulation Desk.


The collection of standards is available in the WUT Library Reference Centre, room 161 b. According to the regulations of the Polish Committee for Standardization, you are not allowed to make a copy of standards.

Special collection

These are maps, manuscript-type documents, old or fragile items, e.t.c. The special collection is available in the National Heritage Library Collection, room 70, Level 0.

Electronic collection

Each WUT Main Library user who has a valid library account can access the WUT e-resources from any computer.

If you are using a computer in the WUT network, you don’t need to log in. If you are using a computer outside the WUT network, you will be asked to log in.

  • User ID –  the number under the barcode on your library card
  • Password –  the same which you use for your library account (no Capital letters or special Polish signs).