Rules, regulations & fees

Fees for overdue books

The fee for overdue is 0,30 PLN per day for one item. Overdue automatically blocks the library account.

Payments can be made by:

e-Payment Service – PayU – directly from the users’ library account

The electronic payment is available from your library account in the “Loans” bookmark for books which are overdue and have not been returned to the library yet, and in the “Fees” bookmark for books which are overdue but already returned.

Regulations for electronic payments [in Polish]


Online Payments service is supplied by PayU – a company that provides an online payment system. You can find more about the user’s security in PayU on

Unblocking the library account

When you use the PayU, your library account will be unblocked almost immediately after the transfer has been made. 

For books which are overdue and have not been returned to the library yet you will get 3 extra days for returning them to the library or for renewing (it is possible only if: 1. no one else has ordered the book 2. your account is not blocked 3. you have not exceeded the limit of 3 renewals).

If you prefer a traditional money transfer in a bank or at the post office, you can download and print the payment form (it will appear while choosing the payment method). You will need to wait until the money has been registered in the account and then your library account will be unblocked. It can last up to 4 work days.

Minimum amount for online payment

The electronic payment option is available for fees more than 0,50 PLN.

Books borrowed from various locations

Fees for overdue books borrowed from various locations (Main Library, faculty libraries, institute libraries) need to be paid separately for each location. You cannot settle the payment for books from different locations by one money transfer.

Directly to the Main Library bank account

Bank account number: 34 1240 1053 5111 4310 0050 0091 . Transfer title: name, surname and number of library card or student WUT ID number and “fine for overdue” notice.

Download a payment form for traditional money transfer in a bank or at the post office here.

This can be done only for books from the Main Library, its branches and libraries at students dormitories. Attention – this account number cannot be used for paying for overdue books from the faculty and institute libraries.

When the payment has been made, the users’ account will be unblocked within 4 days or after showing the proof of payment in the Library.

Please remember that the fees will be accepted only for books already returned to the library (“Fees” bookmark on the user account).

Cash payments available for fees less than 0,50 PLN

As of December 1, 2017 cash payments in the WUT Main Library, its branch libraries and in libraries in students dormitories are not accepted.

Please remember that the minimum amount for online payment is 0,50 PLN. If your fee is less than 0,50 PLN, you need to pay in cash in the Main Library, Pl. Politechniki 1, entrance E, room 15b (intercom number 8), open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The fee will be immediately removed from the account.

Please note that „Cash payments” does not concern cash payments in faculty and institute libraries.




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